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Buy One, Get Two Free (Special Offer)

 Break Any Bad Habit or Your Money Back

 120 Pages of Exercises to Help You

 Get Seven Free Bonuses ($2,000 Value)

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Buy One, Get Two Free

For a limited time, buy one journal and get two more for free.

You will have absolute control as to which journals you want to purchase. You can mix and match all four of our amazing journals and make any combination that you want.

*This is a special page on our website, and this offer cannot be accessed anywhere else. Discount codes will not work for this offer, as it is already discounted.


    Your Free Bonuses ($2,000+ Value)

    When you purchase, you will get the following seven free bonuses.

    These bonuses are worth $2,000 to you due to all the money you will save over the course of a year by breaking these bad habits.

    Because of this, our journal will not only help you break your bad habit, but it is also an investment.

    1. The Beautiful Life Purpose Template

    A lot of the time, bad habits come into our lives because we are bored, and lack purpose or a large goal to work towards. This template will help you create a life goal which will act as a shield to keep future bad habits out of your life. 

    2. The Magnificent 7 Habits Guide

    This is a guide that details 7 of our favorite habits that we think you should create and add to your life. Winning in life has a lot to do with maintaining good and productive habits, and these are our Top 7.

    3. The 7 Habits From Hell Guide

    This is a guide that will go over 7 habits we think you should break first. These habits all have a terrible destructive impact on your life, whether you realize it or not, and you can break all of these with your Bad Habit Breaker Journal.

    4. Top 3 Superachiever Quotes

    This is a one-page download that you can print out or save in your phone so you can constantly draw upon these three quotes for inspiration when times get tough, and you need some motivation to keep going.

    5. The Famous Daily Planner & Productivity Template

    This is a one-page template that will help you be 10x+ as productive as you are now. This is a game-changing planning template that has helped our customers just as much as the journal and potentially even more.

    6. The Ultimate Habit Breaking Checklist

    This is a checklist that you can fill out and go through to help you determine whether you truly have broken your bad habit or not. Although in most cases, it will be very obvious, this checklist will help you know for sure, and is an invaluable part of the process. 

    7. Five Lifechanging Examples

    This is a package of examples for how to use the journal to break certain habits. You will be shown how to break bad habits using the journal with exact examples that have worked for us and others in the past, and you can replicate these examples, or tailor them to your own goals.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 245 reviews
      Warren L
      A HUGE help

      Its crazy how I only spent 10-20min per day in this journal and it changed my life forever! No more smoking for me!

      Joanne Karlan
      It was great

      I recently decided to eliminate sugar from my diet for health issues I've been having for a while and this journal was perfect for that!

      It is amazing

      Would definitely recommend to anyone!

      It helped

      This helped me quit smoking!! Wife is happy so 5 stars!


      Recommended to me by a friend and I am satisfied with the results.