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OMG this actually helped. I was super cynically at first but it actually did. I bought three of them and got the discount. Thank you so much!


Superb journal. Thank you team from Achievement Journals


It was very expensive for a journal, but I guess that is what you have to pay when you want the plan they are giving you. It was worth the $48. It helped me, quite considerably now that I think about it. I would recommend but it would be nice if it was cheaper.


I was surprised that it actually does work. It worked very well for me for weight loss and I bought three of them so I am going to use the rest of waking up too late, and eating sugar. Wow!!!!

Addicted to Journals

I have ordered so many guided and planned journals over the past years (I should have used this journal to break that habit), and I am addicted to them. This one is one of my favorites and probably is my favorite because it serves a direct and specific purpose with zero room for detours. That is one of its strengths. It is very focused, albeit very repetitive, but like the journal says, repetition is key. I would recommend this journal and I have recommended it to family and friends.

Smart Strategy

I really liked the system. There could be a few more pages, like this journal could be two or three months long instead of just 30 days but for what it was, it was worth it and really helped me stop my bad habit, which I would not like to share publicly here. Five stars, but would be nice if it was a 90-day journal instead of 30 for the price.

Good for price

good value journal nice black cover and good exercise


Repetitive but very powerful. It doesn't seem like much but I seriously haven't snacked at night at all since I started.

The Bad Habit Breaker Journal

5 star review here.


Surprised that it actually did work. Mother recommended to me and I have showed it to everyone at my church.


I did not have high hopes for this journal but I have to admit it did help me.

Great Customer Support and Journal

Great customer support and journal. The only thing that was wrong was that USPS lost my package and I had to wait almost 3 weeks to get a new one.

Highly recommend

This is exactly what I needed. High quality journal with well-thought out daily exercises, that actually work!

Love this

20 days in and im already seeing improvement. Will be ordering again to continue after I finish with this journal.

Great for families

got one for all members of my family (six total) and we did it together. I think it is well worth the money

Good Quality

Very nice hardcover good pages no bleed exactly as advertised

Easy to Do

Easy to do. Simple.


Yoooooooooo great journal. Have recommended to everyone at church

Retired Veteran

I had a good experience with the journal for multiple habits. Retired Vet of 28 years. I would give it a five star and wife would too

The Bad Habit Breaker Journal
Max the Magnificent
Good Buy

Good buy. Hope to see it on Amazon soon. Recommended to family and friends.

High Quality Journal

Loved the look and feel of the journal

The Bad Habit Breaker Journal
Simple But Enjoyable
Simple But Enjoyable

I really enjoyed doing this journal. I found I broke my bad habit before the 30 days were up (smoking). Profound but simple.

Instant Classic!

This helped me quit drinking in a few days. The process is well-doen and the journal is high quality. Love the cover and the bookmark


Me ayudó mucho

The Bad Habit Breaker Journal
Jamie Conley California

Loved this for bodybuilding. Used it to help curb my cravings for sugar and salt late at night. It did make a difference. I am surprised.