This Journal Was Created Because Nothing Else Worked

Everyone has bad habits, and very few people manage to break them. In fact, for most people, not only do they not manage to break them, they actually get worse over time.

We used to be in the same boat. Tons of things we wish we could stop doing, but always felt that there was something of an "invisible force" that kept us trapped and caused us to do our bad habits, even when we didn't want to or "choose" to do so.


A Truly Helpless Feeling

Being trapped and enslaved by our bad habits was a very helpless feeling for us, as it is for every person who experiences this same phenomena. 

We know we shouldn't do it, but we still do.

Why is that? 

That is the question that we set out to solve, long before this journal was even a twinkle in our eye. 

After reading a lot about psychology, addiction, and dozens of real-world "trial-and-error" experiments, we came up with the answer.


Why We Were Never Able to Break Bad Habits

The answer is that it was so hard to break bad habits because we were thinking about it all wrong.

We thought it was about willpower. After all, that is what you always hear. 

"You just need to have more willpower."

"It is the withdrawal that makes it hard to quit." 

You hear these things so often that you automatically accept them as the truth. We sure did. And that is where we went so wrong.


The Strategy

If you want to be in the "top 1%" whether it be financially, or in terms of relationships, or in health, or, in our case, breaking bad habits, you shouldn't be surprised when you are doing things differently than everybody else. 

That is, by nature, part of being in the top 1% of any group or demographic.

Nothing else seemed to work for us, until we read a book called The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. This led us to two big breakthroughs that could be applied to breaking bad any bad habit or addiction that we chose.


The First Big Breakthrough

You do not need "willpower" at all, and here is why:

1. It is a "finite." Eventually, you will run out of it, You see it all the time with people who go on a diet. They lose weight, but when the diet is over, and they usually end up heavier they were before.

2. If you use willpower, your habit will still have control over you. You will be miserable. Your entire life will be based on not doing your bad habit. You will feel deprived and anxious 24/7 because you are not "allowed" to do it. 

3. You are in conflict with yourself. You know you shouldn't do your bad habit, but deep down, you still want to. The amount of stress and anxiety this creates is truly crippling. It is no way to live.


The Second Big Breakthrough

People always talk about how hard it is to quit smoking, because your body is physically addicted to nicotine, but how true is that really?

Nicotine leaves your body completely within three days.

However, if all a smoker had to do was not smoke cigarettes for three days, there would be no smokers left and the cigarettes companies would be bankrupt.

If physical addiction was truly the problem, then shouldn't smokers be "free" after just three days? 

In theory, yes, they should, but they are not. Why is that? 

Because the physical part is not the problem.


The Problem is In Your Mind

The problem is 100% mental. It comes from the false belief that your bad habit or addiction benefits you in some way, or that it provides you with pleasure.

Once you understand this, you will be able to break any bad habit or addiction, effortlessly and permanently. 

Your entire bad habit or addiction is based on a lie. 

And how do you break lies? You break them with the truth.

The truth is that your bad habit does not benefit you, give you pleasure or serve you in any way. 


The Three Universal Truths

There are Three Truths that you must understand, and once you do, you will find that you can break your bad habits nearly instantaneously.

1. Breaking your bad habit shouldn’t take any willpower whatsoever. In order to be truly free, you need to completely remove the desire to partake in it.

2. Willpower doesn’t work. If you use willpower, you will always be “waiting” for the day when you have “broken” your bad habit, but that day will never come because the desire is still there. Your bad habit is the cause and the reason for your pain, not the “relief” for it.

3. Your craving or urge to do your bad habit is caused by the last time you did your bad habit. If you do your bad habit again, you will be thrust into the cycle again, and you will have another craving or urge in the future, and you will just keep repeating the process over and over.


How You Will Succeed

Our journal will help you remove the desire to do your bad habit altogether.

This is what you have to do. It won't take you any willpower to do something you don't have the desire to do anyways.

You don't want to stop yourself from doing your bad habit. You want to remove the desire to do it to begin with. When you do this, you won't have to stop yourself. It will be automatic. This is how you truly break a bad habit or addiction.

After using our journal for 30 days, you won't have any desire to do your bad habit anymore, and then you will be truly free.